If you have an QI EMS Self-Serve account select the MY HOME tab to login. 

To check for space availability, be sure you are using EMS as a GUEST, then select BROWSE>LOCATIONS to the left.  


Extended Use
In order to balance competing demands on our Atkinson Hall meeting rooms QI charges standard space-utilization recharge rates for meeting room reservations lasting longer than 5 hours. To request the extended use of a meeting room please submit an Event request (you do not need to request any services just the space). Requests for extended-use of meeting rooms is subject to approval via the event request approval process.

About QI EMS
If you are UCSD staff or faculty, and your UCSD ID card provides you with access to the Atkinson Hall meeting rooms, then you can request an individual, "self-serve" QI EMS account. An individual account lets you make your own non-recurring reservations and is useful if you frequently make reservations for your group. Select the My Home tab to request an account.

If you have meeting room access but only need a room occasionally or to request a recurring meeting (for example "every Monday 4-5 PM"), please select "Meeting Room Reservations" and a reservation will be created for you. If your UCSD ID does not give you access to the meeting rooms your meeting must start between 8:30 am and 4 pm. To gain entry come to the QI Front Desk on the 5th floor.

If you need assistance or to report a problem please email reservations@calit2.net.
To contact our Events team directly email events@calit2.net.
For more information visit qi.ucsd.edu.