Welcome to the QI EMS reservations system.

Select the My Home tab to login or request an account.

Check for availability (all spaces)
1. Be sure you are using EMS as a GUEST
2. Select BROWSE>LOCATIONS to the left.  
3. Scroll down to view additional rooms.
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Extended Meeting Room Use Policy
QI CHARGES standard space-utilization recharge rates for meeting room reservations lasting longer than 5 hours (per day per group). You may request extended use by submitting a QI Reservation Request as an Event.

QI EMS Self-Service Accounts
If you are UCSD staff or faculty and your UCSD ID card provides you with access to the Atkinson Hall meeting rooms you should request QI EMS self-service account. Select the My Home tab to request an account.

Meeting rooms are for NON-CLASS use ONLY 

For questions contact:
Meeting Rooms (general questions only): reservations@calit2.net
Events: qi-events@eng.ucsd.edu
Tours: tours@calit2.net