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Meeting Rooms
Size and availability
Reservations within 60 days must be made using a self-service account.
A self-service account can be requested from the My Home tab (accounts are available to UCSD faculty and non-student staff only).
Reservations >60 days in the future - request a future-use meeting room reservation (future-use reservations are available to Atkinson Hall faculty and staff self-service account holders only).


Meeting rooms are for NON-CLASS use ONLY.

Extended Meeting Room Use
QI charges standard space-utilization recharge rates for meeting room reservations lasting longer than 5 hours (per day per group). You may request approval for this as managed use by submitting a request for event services.

QI EMS Self-Service Accounts
UCSD faculty and non-student staff  may request a QI EMS self-service account. Requests can be submitted from the My Home tab above.

For questions contact:
Events: qi-events@eng.ucsd.edu
Tours: tours@calit2.net
Meeting Rooms (general questions only): reservations@calit2.net